Travel is one category that Bakasura Forever Dwells in. This being one of the speciality of Bakasura, we try to curate the whole story of the amazing journey of us and bring it to you in a much real life like experience with amazing content. Bakasura Forever has had the best travel journeys so far and plans to continue that. While he’s busy with that catch him here with all the stories from around the world



When Bakasura Says Reviews, he just doesn’t mean its Food reviews or Gadget Review. It can be anything. From Places, Small Biz, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Pubs, Gadgets, Toys, Movies and everything that’s possibly available to review. Who knows, we might end up reviewing you as well. So Brace yourself. While Bakasura is on it, read all the wonderful reviews till then



Everything about your lifestyle. Daily tips, fashion, life and more. Bakasura is also a huge fan of movies. Bakasura says, “not finding me at home? Try the theatres”. This is kind of the best category of Bakasura. Be it RomCom, Marvel, DC, Bollywood, Hollywood, Sandalwood, we watch it all. All the movie reviews, discussions, buzz, gossips, Find it all here. Bakasura will sure keep you entertained.


Culture, Tradition, History & More

Well, Bakasura explores the inner life. He’s very much into all the traditions, cultures and history of the world. Raised by a beautiful family, he drives in all the historical elements from across traditions to take you through the inner Journey. Peace is what we share, Peace is what you’ll get. While you explore your inner journey, do explore the wonderful spiritual journey of Bakasura


To My Readers

While Bakasura Forever tries his best to get the best content inked in the most realistic experience, he also takes a moment to let you all readers know that every single content here on the website is a hard attempt with unparalleled effort.

Contents are self written, not outsourced, every word is given a lot of thought before its up and live. Every Content is made keeping you in mind. It’s the experience of you that matters a lot to Bakasura.

While Bakasura Forever continues his journey in Travel, Hotel Reviews, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, Kannada Content, Lifestyle, Culture and Digital content, he sure wants the love from you. So be it any content you read, Please feel free to drop suggestions and comments. Bakasura values it a lot. Contact Bakasura with whatever suggestions you have.

It’s a Journey with you. It’s Our Journey Together

-Bakasura Forever

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