What we Do

Bringing curated content from across all the different categories like Travel, Food, Entertainment, Art and Culture. Our vision is to fill this space with content that people would love to read and stick to. Bakasura forever tries its best to stand out from others. Different kinds of content is seen across different platforms. We curate it based on each platform and its audience. So do follow us on all social media platforms

Our Story

Everything has a beginning, and our journey too started back in 2019. The passion to showcase all the adventure to the rest of the world drives us every day. Initially by smaller blogs, now to a website. We sure have come across a lot of hurdles

Meet the Team

You think we'll reveal that to you?

Nope not happening. But yes. Here is the crazy team behind Bakasura. The Team that drives all of it, the team that brings in all the curated content.

Team Bakasura


Venellope Von Schweetz

Co-Founder & Advisory Head 

Nothing goes online past this. Nothing i repeat Nothing


The Hulk

Founder & CEO

The Mastermind Behind the Project



Website Developer

The Website is by him. So you now know if its good or bad