A Seven Decade old Tea Brand

We ordered in ‘Renew’ a honey lemon green tea from Teame Teas, a seven decade old tea Brand with a legacy in producing fine teas.

Teame teas are consumed over ten million times everyday across 42 countries. They believe that every mood deserves a tea of it’s own brewing to fit right in. They call the experience as ‘Flavour Therapy’ – a tea for every mood.

They harvest tea leaves from the foot of Darjeeling and Assam. They just don’t settle for a normal brew. From in house master blenders they ensure you get the best in the world.

Tea-me teas Honey Lemon Green Tea
Renew Teame Teas

Our experience:

We ordered in one of their honey lemon green tea online, A natural green tea variant.

The pack contained 25 bags of natural green teas. With flavours of honey and light notes of lemon, this sure was a perfect touch for rejuvenation.

Natural green tea is infused with honey and bits of juicy lemon peels.

The pack of 25 bags costed us ₹160.

The delivery was hassle-free and was on time. We actually didn’t face any issue in the delivery and the packaging was perfect.

Tea-me Teas
Tea-Me Teas

So what are the benefits of ‘Renew’?

While there are multiple benefits of green teas, this ‘Renew’ a natural honey lemon green tea had some of it to list down.

Since it has the extract of honey in it, it helps you in maintaining a glowing skin.

The lemon peel extract in it helps aiding in digestion and blood immunity. These turn out to be an amazing characteristics of the ‘Renew’ honey lemon green tea.

Also adding to this, the natural essence of a lemon tea boosts you all its characteristics.

It helps you to lose weight, relieve sore throats, cough and cold. We found the ‘Renew’ honey lemon green tea from Teame Teas to be the perfect add on to our lifestyle.

Grab yours today. Visit Teameteas.com and place your order now.

They have a free shipping option on all prepaid orders above ₹300. They ship anywhere in the world. They also have COD across India. With easy returns and replacements, they deliver within 3-7 working days.

Now what other reason do you need to not order this.

Grab yours today.

It’s Bakasura Recommended.

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