New generation calls for newer snacks

Hash TagZ or #TagZ

Well, being in Namma Bengaluru and for having this amazing weather, we get cravings every day. It’s our all-time normal! And when in search to quench this craving did our path cross that of this new brand – TagZ.

Completely brought to us by the newer GenZ folks is this innovative snack brand. Don’t get super excited now, there’s more. Let us take you through.

TagZ offer lip-smacking and fitter snacks for everyone. They have a highly motivated team that curates it with such kick-ass technology.

They use cutting edge food technology to craft snacking experiences that none would have experienced in India before.

No preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no cholesterol, no transfat and gluten-free.

#TagZ Snacks

So we ordered in three of their variations which comes in as a combo.

Check out all the offerings from TagZ here.

So the three flavours that we ordered were:

  • Masala Trekkin’
  • Cream Onion Divin’
  • Salt Trippin’

Let’s take you through all three of the flavours

Masala Trekkin’

So this is our most favourite of the three. Why is it special? Just for the masala factor in it.

Masala Trekkin' by TagZ
Masala Trekkin’ by TagZ

Unlike other flavours, this has many Indian spices.

Chilli, onion, garlic, coriander, cumin and black pepper to name a few.

The make of it is still the same however the masala is the only addition.

Cream Onion Divin’

The second would be the cream Onion one. This more or less as the name suggests, has cream and flavours of onion in it!

Cream Onion Divin' by TagZ
Cream Onion Divin’ by TagZ

This contains portions of sugar, milk solids, salt and onion powder among many other ingredients.

That’s the whole driving factor for the flavour

Salt Trippin’

One of the most common flavours in any snack. The simple salt

Salt Trippin' by TagZ
Salt Trippin’ by TagZ

Other than their edible oil and other normal ingredients that go in, this doesn’t have any flavour added except salt.

So thats all the three amazing flavours to you from the GenZ folks at TagZ

What are you waiting for?

Order in yours today!

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