Best Places to spend your evening time in Kolkata

If you are from Kolkata, these places hold a special place in your heart and if you are not, then you have at least heard of these places once or twice. While Mumbai is considered as the city that never sleeps and Bangalore as the city of opportunity and traffic, Kolkata has always been the city with a soul. As a concept, it might be tricky to explain but as experience, these words sunk deep. There are few heartwarming places in Kolkata, where one finds true solace during the blissful time of the evening.

• Victoria Memorial:

A grand white marble palace, build in the memory of Queen Victoria, holds many historical artefacts and precious valuables of the colonized times. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and peaceful ambiance. A perfect place to look through history and rediscover our own times in a peaceful scenario. A walk through the gardens and enjoying the Kolkata street foods offered by the roadside vendors, is exactly what an evening in Kolkata should sound like. Situated on the banks of Hooghly river, near Chowringhee road, this museum is a primary tourist destination in Kolkata.

Eco park Kolkata
Eco Park Kolkata

• Eco Park:

Situated in Rajarhat, Kolkata, it is the grand touring park that holds many attractions for children and adults alike. A blissful serene place, perfect for one or many peaceful evenings. The lake view during the dusk is thought provoking and if long walk is what one prefers then the beautifully paved paths are inviting enough. Offering many attractions like butterfly garden, bamboo garden, mask garden, other cultural zones, and the replicas of the 7 wonders of the world, they attract many curious eyes. Options like bicycle ride, boating and other innovative rides can be enjoyed to the fullest here as well. Since it is a huge park, while exploring it, one might lose the track of time and that is exactly what makes it a glorious place to spend a beautiful evening.

kolkata's Eco Park

• Maidan:

The largest urban ground of Kolkata which holds several play grounds, including the Eden gardens, race courses and Victoria Memorial as well. The ground is delightful and a walk through the ground brings people close to nature. It is a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic or occasional games with friends and family. A calm, peaceful place which has attracted many people from a long time.

Through my Lens

• College Street:

If you are a book lover, then this is the place where you should be during the evening course of the day. The 1.5 km long street that holds book stalls on both pavements is the most knowledgeable street in the country. These bookstores, offer both Academic books and story books simultaneously. Roaming around the old books and the new, one loses the track of time. The Paramount sherbet center, Dilkhusa restaurant and the Kalika fried items center are the must visit food centers near this place and are perfect for the evening snacks.

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