Deja Vu Restobar : the finest buffet experience

Bakasura visited Deja Vu Restobar on a Sunday afternoon. With pre-booking, bakasura reserved the slot well beforehand.

Deja Vu Restobar

Even though it was booked on Friday, there were no slots available till 2:30. So you can imagine the goodness this place holds. We were on time but yet had to wait for 15 mins.


Well, to cater to around 100 people that come for every hour, the ambience of Deja Vu Restobar is more than spacious. The ambience has nothing in special but is good enough. As you enter are the tables. And from the right end starts the spread. At the end is the bar counter.

Deja vu ambience


The staff are amazing. The are so humble to you, so friendly and make sure that every starter is served enough number of times till you request. Kudos to the staff.



When you come to the main part, the buffet at Deja vu, they have numerous offers for you. There is an early bird offer of ₹100, there is one buffet free for 8+ people and so on. Kids buffet is applicable for kids of age 10 or less. The lunch buffet for adults costs you ₹549, which is totally worth it.

Bakasura plate

When you come to the spread, where should the bakasura even start this with. It starts with a complimentary drink either a beer, cocktail, mocktail, blue lagoon, virgin mojito or lime soda. And then kicks in all the amazing starters. Paneer tikka, chilli corn, dahi kebab, aloo fry, babycorn roast and a garlic bread.

There is a live pav bhaji, omelet, pasta and chats counter. And when I say chats, the special thing is the Vodka Panipuri that’s available here. They literally add Vodka into your Pani.

Then is sweet corn soup, three types of rice items, choice of Indian bread, 4 veg sabjis, noodles and sauce, plain rice, rasam and curd rice. Lots of salads aid you too.

Let me not even talk about the desserts. Bakasura feasted so Royally. Tarts, rum shots, pastries, brownies, live ice cream roll counter, pan ice cream, and lots of cut fruits.

The spread was one which bakasura was waiting for.


It definitely comes to the top of the list for BakasuraRecommended. It surely is a must visit. With such good taste, quality and such wide spread. It surely takes your heart away.

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