National Pizza Day : Onèsta Love

Popularly celebrated in the USA is one such amazing Day, The National Pizza Day. The day is totally dedicated to pizza and yes all you have to do is grab a piece and feast on.


But Bakasura wishes to celebrate this with the very own pizzeria from Bangalore – Onèsta

Onèsta RR Nagar:

The first Onèsta that bakasura actually visited. It was on new year’s and Bakasura went in to celebrate. After all the feasting, there was a cake cutting that took place to celebrate New year. Right after the celebration Bakasura dropped the glass containing tiramisu and the glass broke. The staff rushed in and quoted,

Breaking glass is fine sir, never break someone’s heart

This will always stay with me!

Onèsta RR Nagar

Onèsta JP Nagar:

JP Nagar was bakasuras second residential area. Right after RR Nagar Bakasura headed here and made sure to visit the Onèsta outlet here.

Onèsta JP Nagar

Onèsta Koramangala:

The workplace of Bakasura was at Koramangala and yet again Bakasura made a point to visit the outlet with his colleagues.

Onèsta Koramangala

Onèsta Basavanagudi:

Bakasuras girlfriend was residing in Basavanagudi and this time, bakasura sure made a point to take her to the outlet.

Onèsta Basavanagudi

Onèsta Banashankari:

Lastly being the common point for both, Banashankari outlet was the final journey.

Onèsta Banashankari

In a nutshell, that’s how Bakasura celebrated the National Pizza Day.

How did you guys celebrate?

Do drop it down in the comments section below.

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