Bakasura’s Not-So-Secret Diary – Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe, K.R. Road

So this happened over the weekend. On one fine afternoon in summer, your favourite foodie Bakasura Forever visited one of this beautiful place located at one of the major areas in Namma Bengaluru – Enerjuvate Cafe!

Location of Enerjuvate

Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe is a very bright and beautiful cafe located at K.R. Road, Bangalore.

Having super-friendly staff, serving delicious and healthy food, and a show-stopper ambience with all DIY’s & hand-crafted delights, it is the place to be! They preach – A healthy body for a happy soul. It is a great idea to set aside one of your weekends here.

Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe
Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe

You can also check out their website to know more about the events, studio bookings and other workshops conducted at their cafe. A major bonus for all my lovely readers – Read till the end to know as to WHY Enerjuvate Cafe is significantly special for Bakasura.

Let us now take you through this amazing healthylicious and guilt-free journey.

Ambience at Enerjuvate

If you have followed me on Instagram or Zomato you would know this fact by now.

Considering you are a new reader, here is a thing. Bakasura looks out for some unique and beautiful ambience at any cafe, hotel or restaurant. Food with views are the best I say, such a happy feeling it is! Setting the right mood or ambience is as important as serving quality food to satisfy their customers and Enerjuvate Cafe makes sure you experience that 100%.

Ambience at Enerjuvate
Ambience at Enerjuvate
The Seating
The Seating

So Enerjuvate Cafe is a home turned cafe and as you enter you’ll notice a very vibrant, colourful and lovely ambience. Even the smallest of DIY’s and artworks placed in every corner at Enerjuvate Cafe is handmade and full out of love. When you look up at the roof you can observe their signature lightings – Edison bulbs placed in a whole bunch inside mason jars, walls with cute and quirky little paintings, walls and doors mounted with hand-painted bells, little flower pots, cages and everything cute all around you.

One word for this amazing ambience – it’s LIT. There are colourful chairs and white tables where you can click insta worthy pictures and stories. Wherever you are seated at Enerjuvate Cafe, you’re surrounded by tiny green plants. Such a pleasant feeling to be seated amidst a beautiful serene sight around you.

Enerjuvate Food and Presentation

Now coming to the main topic – food review. Enerjuvate Cafe serves mainly wholesome vegetarian food. By wholesome it doesn’t mean they serve boring or bland food but serves freshly prepared, tasty, nutritious and delicious food. The range and varieties of their menu is just mind blowing and is prepared keeping our health in mind which also includes vegan-friendly option. Bakasura ordered a whole lot of dishes and a whole lot of beverages. Starting from fresh fruit juices, small plates to platters, large meals to desserts he tasted it all.

To begin with Bakasura ordered Go green(Cucumbers, apples, spinach, amla and mint), Go red(Beetroot, apples, oranges, carrots and basil), Carrot ginger ale(Carrot, ginger and mint), Charcoal lemonade(Activated charcoal, rosemary flavoured with lemon and ginger) and Kombucha(Probiotic fermented drink). All of their freshly prepared fruit juices are just perfect energy drinks in the scorching summer heat.

Next, Bakasura ordered Watermelon delight, followed by Ragi chats, Thai DIY paan termed as Green beginnings in their menu was followed up. Refer their menu for more.

Their signature salad – Watermelon delight is a Bakasura recommend dish and a must have at Enerjuvate Cafe. Served with a generous amount of watermelon chunks in a creamy vegan sauce, sprinkled with the right amount of pepitas, rocket leaves and cranberries – It’s just heavenly.

Must mention about their Thai DIY paan or as they call it ‘meeang krung’. Served with 8 side items like sprouts, coconut flakes (Kobri – in Kannada), peanuts, chillies, onion pieces, ginger pieces, tangy dip/sauce & lemon pieces full of aroma and flavour. Unlike the traditional betel leaf, you’re given Lettuce wraps which is interesting as it was bakasuras first time trying it.

Bakasura also tried this crazily nutrition rich dish – Ragi chat with a Greek salad.

Lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes tossed in honey lemon dressing topped with feta cheese and walnuts served on top of Ragi crackers. Every bite of Ragi cracker you eat was tasty & served with scrumptious amount of healthy ingredients. To summarise in two words – Healthy and Tasty.

From their small plates – Bakasura ordered a double chocolate chip pancakes served with chocolate sauce. The pancakes were fluffy and soft and one can never go wrong with chocolate served along with it. You get 2 pancakes along with a cup of chocolate sauce per plate. Like other food items, this was equally delicious.

Next, we ordered grilled zucchini sandwich where the zucchini slices are grilled and topped with feta cheese and olives toasted in pita bread. The bread was in-house prepared and was really soft and perfect. You get 4 slices of bread per serving and is sided with a spicy marinara sauce. Vegan option is available for this dish.

Now moving on to what he ordered next..How can Bakasura miss out on Pizzas! At Enerjuvate Cafe, pizzas are made with amaranth and whole wheat flour and all pizzas are served with their in-house preservative-free sauce. This is something good and is just extremely perfect for the people who back out to eat pizza made of maida-base. Bakasura ordered Mad about mushrooms pizza and it was just amazing.

One fancy dish that bakasura ordered was the Veggie zoodle bowl.

Zoodle- Zucchini noodles tossed in a sauce of your choice and topped with cheese. This dish is served with cranberry chilli toast and vegan option is also available for this dish.

Bakasura went with a group of 8 and he ordered a lot of dishes. You might be wondering about the number of food items he ordered right? When you’re at a place like this, You’ll not regret trying out their whole menu. Why not eat all when every dish served here is tasty and nutritious?!


As much as food & ambience is important, service matters too. You, me, anybody would love to revisit a place if the customer service is satisfactory. At Enerjuvate Cafe, you won’t have to think twice to visit again. Their service is top notch. Cafe owners are super friendly and servers are customer friendly. You can order all items at once and request your food to be served in the order you want to eat.

Studio and Boutique

Their studio & boutique are next to the cafe where several events like Yoga, Zumba and various other workshops are conducted every month. Musical evenings are conducted here on selective days, check out their page on Instagram for regular updates. They also sell homemade cookies, chocolates and other small bites.


  • Not a crowded place. Typically around 20 people can be seated.
  • Perfect place to spend your evening date with your loved one.
  • Cozy place for families and a small group of friends.
  • You can avail Zomato gold on food- BOGO (Buy one get one) applies. 
  • Prices are affordable.
  • Lovely and peaceful ambience.

What more do you want?

Now that you’ve reached the end, you’ll be wanting to know what Bakasura has got to say about the added bonus he promised right? I know! Let me tell you but before that, we thank you for reading our blog till the end. Thanks for supporting your friendly neighbourhood foodie Bakasura Forever. Follow your own Bangalore food blogger bakasura.forever on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Zomato and YouTube for more amazing content. Email at for any queries or collaborations. 

Now it is time to reveal the suspense! Yes! SUPER SPECIAL day of his life! BAKASURA took his love to Enerjuvate Cafe for his first date 2 years ago! Eeeeep, he is jumping here with joy writing this! 🙂 Sad news is it was at their first branch located at Jayanagar which is now moved to K.R. Road. Nevertheless, it is a happy memory for him. Thanks to Enerjuvate. 🙂 

Signing off with lots of love from #bakasuraforever

Bakasura Verdict
  • Enerjuvate Cafe & Studio K.R. Road


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