Brahma Brews : The divine Brew

So Bakasura Visited the very new outlet at JP Nagar. The Brahma Brews. Well, just like the name goes, it sure was a divine experience.


The ambience:

The entrance to this brewery is a small one, the width of a car, but once you enter is when the magic unfolds. A divine land resides within. You enter and there is a lit fountain, behind which you find a huge non smoking zone with a DJ and seating. To the right are huge containers where your beer is freshly brewed. To the left is the smoking zone with two floors. The top left has a mini pond across which you find tables with candle light option. Bakasura hasn’t seen a better candle light dinner option than this. The ambience being so huge, just took bakasura away. Bakasura needed nothing more.

Brahma Brews

The best part:

While nothing can beat the ambience, the service of the staff was an amazing one too. Bakasura literally had a min before everything he ordered showed up. The management has taken such good care to cater the service that, you see around 15-20 people across the huge ambience just to serve. There is almost one staff for every table. Kudos, just a huge Kudos to the whole staff.



When it comes to food, bakasura did order a lot. From pizza, pasta, bruschetta, corn, biryani, paneer ghee roast, french fries, fruit punch, we tried it all. The best part was the service again, a minute done and everything we ordered shows up. The food quality was amazing. Nothing seemed oily and nothing was bad. The taste was fabulous. The French fries & the panner ghee roast were ordered twice just because of how good it was.

Panner ghee roast


Overall the place is one amazing destination for everything. The ambience is so photogenic. The food is of soo good quality. It’s affordable. Amazing staff. Overall it’s a clear winner.

It totally is a Bakasura Recommended

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The Bakasura Verdict
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The Ambience Takes you away, the food makes sure that you go to heaven. Must Visit.

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