Mooch Marod: The Heavy Load

Next time when you think of paratha. You’ll not think of any other place than this. Bakasura had been here and he actually came out with an even bigger belly.

Queen size paratha

The ambience:

The ambience is very good. They don’t have any chairs and it’s like the typical sit and dine experience of sitting on the floor and feasting on. The ambience as a whole has nothing great in it. There are no fancy lights, no fancy decor. The ambience was kind of empty when bakasura visited it. There were no one. Being on the first floor with a small staircase leading to it, bakasura himself found it difficult to find it in the first place.

The table

The Amazing Menu:

When you come to the menu part of it, the whole menu is of two categories based on the food that’s available. It’s the obvious parathas and the lassis. And when you go into each of these, it’s again found in three types/sizes. The queen size, the king size and the emperor size. While bakasura thought he can finish the queen size paratha, well guess what, he was wrong. A queen size paratha serves 2.( Even 3 at times) and don’t even bother about the king and the emperor.

When you come to the size of lassi, the queen lassi comes in a huge glass, a king lassi comes in a bottle, but, wait for it. The emperor lassi comes in a mini bucket! Well that’s right. You actually read that right.

Palak paneer paratha

The food:

When coming to the quality of it, the food was of good quality, parathas didn’t feel maida added or anything. Soft and tasty. However the only sad part about it is you can actually try only one. Cause by the end of it you’ll be tired to eat anymore. So yes, bakasura tried palak paneer paratha and it was good. Served with a heap of butter on top. Serves the purpose.

Coming to strawberry lassi, it was top notch too.

The ambience

Final Verdict:

It was one heavy dose that Bakasura had and probably not a second timer. Mooch Marod was surely a heavy load.

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The Bakasura Verdict
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Before you go

The parathas here are just too heavy for two. Order with caution. It’s a one timer

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