When she becomes your Bae

Well you guys must be wondering on what this is all about. When she becomes your Bae.

Well to begin with, Bakasura commutes to office everyday on his cycle. The just fabulous Firefox Roadrunner Pro. When he does so, here are a certain things he realises

The fast paced world:

The whole world around us is running, every single second gone by without even understanding its value. There is not a single office going person who understands the value of time. Gets up early in the morning, doesn’t even share a smile with the people around him. Gets ready and goes in to the same traffic that everyone are in. And then honks till it clears. Late for office, delayed for meeting, deadlines, closures, it’s all in! And there is no time.

Traffic is our second wife:

A small kid in city, to an elderly person. We only have one anthem.

Traffic is getting worse day by day.

It’s a headache. We can’t play on roads, we can’t go walking. And people get accustomed to it. It becomes a reason, it becomes a joke, it even becomes the title of a mini series. Silk board dairies.

Global warming doesn’t warm us

When the rise in pollution is on his high, we people, just don’t care. We are used to it. The sun comes, the sun goes. When do we bother to see it? Only when there is an eclipse. That’s right!

Laziness is our last Name

They say sitting is the new smoking and have you ever given a thought on how many hours you sit in a day. Do you workout? Well, we don’t have time to meet our targets and bakasura is here joking about working out

When she becomes your Bae

So Bakasura did realise all this, and wants to change. Wants everyone of you reading this to bring in the change. Slow down your life, you do know the longest surviving beings are the slowest ones right? The turtle. Slow down your time, get up early, smile to people around you. Such Small things adds up to a huge amount of happiness. Grab a cycle, be the person who doesn’t talk about traffic but rather tries to control it.

You don’t get time for working out, so utilise the time for commute as your workout time. Cycle.

Take it over foot path when there is traffic. Wear a mask.

Be happy you are not contributing to green house gases

After cycling for about 6 months, Bakasura is in a state where he’s happy to say

When she becomes your Bae

My Bae

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