The Curse of Surya: Dev Prasad

The first impression:

Well, Bakasura just took this cause of the curiosity on what the curse was. Always curios on the topics of indian culture, bakasura wanted to find out the reason behind the name: The curse of Surya

Curse of Surya

After diving in:

Well, once bakasura started reading this, it just took him away. The way the whole story is narrated is ultimate. Fabulous is a small word I must say. The way the whole storyline revolves around Shyamantaka Mani is what made Bakasura extremely happy.


The whole story is about a girl, Sangeeta rao, who comes to India and is stuck in a loophole. The hunt for the mysterious Shyamantaka Mani begins, people from all underworld organisations come behind it, Sangeeta rao sees it all, experiences it all. All the twists and turns and the whole plot is just fabulous, the way the temple of Dwaraka is explained took bakasura into a dream world. And Bakasura is literally waiting for a movie to be made on this story. The way the author, Dev Prasad, has got in the whole historical aspects of Krishna, Dwaraka and the Indian mythology is just out of this world.

Final verdict:

You’ll be missing on a lot, if you miss this one. The book is just perfect in all aspects. Dev Prasad has done a wonder. Bakasura looks forward to read more books from you.

I’ll have black Coffee with lots of milk and sugar

It totally is Bakasura Recommended

Stay Hungry, Read Daily.

The Bakasura Verdict
  • The Curse of Surya


A masterpiece that unfolds a story that’s totally grasping and holds you till the end. Must read.

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