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Bakasura finds one of the best jewels of Namma Bengaluru. Food coma in Indiranagar. This is the place to be. With huge ambience, friendly staff, innovative and tasty food. This place steals the show. Be it anything that an ideal person looks for, this place has it.

Let’s take you through food coma.

Food coma Location:

Food coma is located at indranagar. The metro station is nearby and one can visit this by metro too. Finding this is not at all difficult. just 500mts from the nearest metro, you can walk all the way

Food Coma Ambience:

The ambience steals the show. Its on the first floor. There is valet parking and 2 wheeler parking as well. The ambience has an open kitchen with glass covering so that you exactly know whats cooking specially for you. The ambience is royal with handkerchiefs rolled up. There are small plants across the ambience. There are around 20 tables here which can easily accommodate around 200+ people at once. Family outing or corporate outing, this place is the place to be.

Food Coma Food:

Well well well, the moment we all were waiting for is here. Lets dive into all the amazing food bakasura had.

We started the amazing course with Tofu Glass Noodle Soup

Tofu Glass Noodle soup
Tofu Glass Noodle Soup

The soup was just perfect. The flavour kicked in at the right time and it was a wonder to begin. Bakasura then went into the starters. We ordered Lotus stem, cheese stick, rainbow slider, mushroom twister, achari paneer tikka, harabhara kebab and Gobi Chettinad. While all these starters were on the table, we also ordered Barmen special Mocktail.

Lotus stem platter
Lotus stem, Harabhara Kebab, Gobi chettinad & Achari paneer tikka Platter
Harabhara kebab platter
Barmen Special Mocktail
Barmen Special Mocktail

The mocktail was just fabulous. The staff asked me how I needed it, if tangy or spicy, and we asked for a mix of both. What turned out was a piece of paradise. The flavour was perfect. The chilli and the tangy essence was one that lasted. Coming to the Rainbow slider, it usually comes with 8-9 mini colourful burgers. But we ordered a platter with all the starters.

Rainbow Slider platter
Rainbow Slider, Mushroom Twister & Cheese Stick
Mushroom twister platter
The Platter
rainbow slider
Rainbow Slider

The chef here, Mr. Sherif was so friendly and has around 25+ years of experience in the food industry and the rainbow slider is one of his splendid innovation. Fruit colours are user to make the mini burgers look stunning. Aloo tikka is used just like any burger and a pinch of amazing presentation is added to make it look stunning.

While the presentation was out of this world, food made sure that it was a heaven tour.

Bakasura then had to dive into the main course. We ordered a Veg biryani and each of roti and kulcha. The sides we ordered were Tarkari Bahar, Dal tadka and kashmiri dum aloo. The cream over the sabji, the quality of it, just perfect. There was no extra oil, it was cooked properly and was amazing. The roti didn’t feel heavy and was light and soft. Overall ot was a perfect feast.

Biryani, Roti, Tarkari Bahar, Dal tadka & Kashmiri Dum aloo

Well, a feast is not over till the desserts are served. And here, the desserts were like the icing for the beautiful cake. Show stopper desserts, each one better than the rest.

Things we ordered includes American cheese cake, Tiramisu, Panna Cotta & Trio of Mousse.

The american cheese cake is one perfect finisher for all cheese lovers. Bakasura being a cheese lover, we had the best dessert ever. It is definitely a bakasura recommended dish. The Tiramisu had the perfect blend of coffee. The panna cotta was perfect. So good. Just soo good. The trio of mousse was the best of them all. When one mousse ain’t enough, this came with three layers of it. Dark chocolate, brown chocolate and milk chocolate.

Bakasura was also lucky to get into the kitchen to capture the wonderful chefs at work. Do checkout YouTube for the video.

Trio of mousse
Trio of Mousse
Dessert presentation

Bakasura Verdict:

Overall, Food coma is definitely under Bakasuras list of must visit. It’s totally recommended. Be it for continental, be it for north indian and just for desserts. This place is the place to be in bengaluru. Wish we had more stars to give.

Bakasura Recommended.

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Bakasura Verdict
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Go here for food. Finish it with desserts. Have that joy of a perfect meal.

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