Kadle Kai Parishe – Bengaluru’s rich culture

Those were the days.. those 90’s days when everyday was a celebration. Those were the days when a robotic future telling machine fascinated us. Those were the days when culture was high on all grounds. Those were the days when families got along to celebrate life. Those were the days when fairs used to happen. Yes, Kadle Kai Parishe (Groundnut Fair) is one such fair that’s in Namma Bengaluru since years.

Kadle Kai Parishe
Kadle Kai Parishe

The History of Kadle Kai Parishe

It is said that Naada Prabhu Kempe Gowda established the bull here at Bull temple. However, the stories that are behind it are, that long ago there was a bull that used to attack the farmers groundnut harvest and feed on it. All the angry farmers had no other option and they all gathered around and decided to offer the bull groundnuts themselves so that the bull doesn’t attack the farm. Hence the offering began and later on this is celebrated as kadle Kai Parishe.

The other story behind it is that, long time ago lot of farmers here had good harvest. And thieves started attacking the plots here and started to loot the harvest. That’s when lord shiva sent a bull here to protect all the land. But the farmers killed the bull thinking that it was the one attacking the land. This caused all the crops to die. Farmers then realised their mistake and that’s when they placed the bull here and offered the harvest to it. That’s when the land was fertile again and that’s how every first offering of the season is offered to the bull here as a festival.

the crowd at kadle kai parishe
The Crowd at kadle kai parishe

Groundnut Fair this year

Bakasura visited the annual groundnut Festival this year. That took place from 25th to 27th November. Bakasura was here in the evening just before dusk. The crowd skyrockets after 5 P.M. You just have to stand at the beginning and they’ll just take you along and drop you off at the end, such will be the crowd here.

mensinkaayi bajji
mensinkaayi bajji

The event was fabulous as always. Bakasura has been an annual visitor here as well. The Bull temple is situated in basavanagudi and bull temple road will be completely closed for the fair. The event is all in its glory, farmers from all across come with their groundnut harvest and put up stalls all across the street. There will be groundnuts every where. Also the vendors don’t actually argue with you if you do take some groundnuts in your hands and start gobbling on. They say since its the offering that they do for the bull, they don’t treat you like customers and hence allow you to grab some nuts

Bun with gulkan
Bun with gulkan

While the place has groudnut stalls all over, that’s not all that you get here. From cotton candy stalls, pakoda stalls, chat shops, candy shops to old grandmas selling cut mango, you get everything old bangalore here. The fair still brings back that 90’s memories.

kadle kai everywhere
Kadle Kai Everywhere

We did have some bajjis and pakodas at the annual groundnut festival this time. Apart from this, there is also these rides put up. Giant wheel, Columbus and merry go around just hits your heart. You see people from different caste, different age and gender, all enjoy themselves. Kids carried around on their daddys shoulders is a bliss to watch.

cotton candy
cotton candy

Apart from food and rides, you also get to shop a lot. How can you not find poma watches and raybon glasses (pun intended). Other than this, you get to see a lot of small shops that sell women jewellery. Ear rings at as low as ₹10 are all found here. The list goes on. Shopping here is never a problem.

With an extravagant crowd, that screams its heart out, with the ever loving daddys and their kids, with the future telling bots and with all the kadle kai here. How can this event not be the best of Namma Bengaluru.

Cheers to Bengaluru

Cheers to Basavanagudi.

Until next time. Bakasura Forever

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