Twisted Desi : A Twisted Love Story

The summary:

While most of the places in Indiranagar stand out for its amazing ambience or the option of alcohol, Twisted Desi slowly comes in to the picture with a cozy ambience and finger licking good food. With a very small space, the management has managed to deliver perfect dining experience. The Paneer ghee roast will stay in your mind for a few days. Take out your girlfriend or your family, this is one good place to have one good time. Bakasura Recommends this place.

Location & Ambience:

Located right below a metro line on the busy streets of indiranagar. Nested right next to Toit, this place is at the centre of the city. Twisted desi is at a walkable distance from Indiranagar metro station. Catch a metro, get down at Indiranagar station and you are here

Twisted Desi
Twisted Desi

Coming to the ambience, the place is small, has one block with around 6 tables and that covers the whole place. The tables are good. The ambience is not all fancy but is good enough for a perfect peaceful time. It has no great wall hangings, no great wall art, decor or any of such. The place did have a few people waiting for the tables.

Twisted Desi Food:

Well here is the twist, or should we say a desi twist. Bakasura ate a lot! a Lot! Starting from the starters to the Desserts, every single one of them was exceptionally well. Bakasura did have a lot and follow on as we take you through it.

The Spread
The Spread

The whole course began with the salads. The pear and walnut salad was one delight to feast on. The right amount of both bear and walnut made the whole dish wonderful.

Pear and Walnut Salad
Pear And Walnut Salad

The Salads were followed by the soups, we had two variations of soup served. The first being the cream of broccoli and the other one being the cream of onion. While bakasura had had cream of broccoli before, the cream of onion was new. Bakasura is happy that he tried this and recommends this. Both the soups were perfect. The blend of cream in it was perfect.

Cream of Broccoli
Cream of Broccoli
cream of onion
Cream of Onion

The three starters, Stuffed mushroom tikka, peshawari paneer tikka and the paneer ghee roast followed up. While all these three were more than wonderful, the paneer ghee roast caught bakasuras attention. Honestly, Bakasura hadnt had such a wonderful ghee roast in a long time. One complete plate was completely finished by Bakasura and we are proud of it.

the three starters
The Three Starters
Paneer Ghee Roast
Paneer Ghee Roast

Along side all of these, the drinks too were served. Bakasura had two in it, one the oreo chocolate shake and the other being the mixed fruit juice. The oreo shake was the perfect blend and did its wonder on Bakasura. The mixed fruit juice too was fresh and didnt have much sugar or artificial flavours.

The main course of missi roti, mix veg cofta curry and paneer makhani were served. The rotis were good and wasnt too hard. Served hot with the sabjis, everything was perfect. The paneer in the sabji was so soft and just melted away.

Roti and Paneer Makhani
Roti and Paneer Makhani

The Rasmalai and the Jamoon were a perfect finisher. Lets not talk about the quantity of rasmalai that bakasura had.


Twisted Desi Staff & Service:

The staff were amazing. Every single one of them and their ever lasting smile. The service was super quick and did their best to keep us good. Kudos for managing bakasura in that busy Sunday night

Bakasura Verdict:

Its hard to find good place. Its harder to find great food. Its the most difficult to find a place with both. Twisted Desi is the perfect mix of all of these. You have read it all. You know what to order, you know where to be.

Its Bakasura Recommended.

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Bakasura Verdict
  • Twisted Desi


A small cozy place with extraordinary food. Bakasura Recommended

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